Internet Information


Streaming Through a School Network

  • Most school networks offer plenty of bandwidth for streaming
  • Doesn't require additional fees for broadband wireless
  • Stream connection is more reliable
  • School IT typically has to modify firewall to allow streaming.  You can find a list of the firewall exclusions and ports to be opened in "Technical Requirements Guide" on the Resources and Document page.
  • Requires use of wireless bridge to get Internet connectivity to remote locations on campus

Streaming with a 4G Wireless Internet Access

  • Does not require school IT Department to change firewall
  • Provides Internet connectivity in remote locations and when team travels
  • 3G wireless Internet access only supports lower quality streams
  • Stream connectivity is volatile and may disconnect many times while in use
  • Available bandwidth is highly affected by the number of people using the same cell tower
  • The location and remoteness of the cell tower will affect the strength of the wireless signal