Instructions and User Guides

Quick Start Guide - This is a one page document that you should have on hand at productions.  It goes over the most important information you need to stream Live or produce an On Demand Event.

Technical Requirements Guide - The "TRG" includes important information, like firewall exclusions, that you'll need to run the NFHS Network Platform.  This is a good document to pass along to your Technology Department if you have trouble streaming, uploading, and downloading on your network.

NFHS Network Manager Guide - The guide goes over our web-based application, NFHS Network Manager.  You'll find instructions for scheduling your events, editing your events' information, and creating highlights.

NFHS Network Producer Guide - Here are the instructions for the NFHS Network software for producing your events.  It goes over the steps for streaming a Live event, recording an On Demand event, using overlay graphics and their sizes, inserting commercials, and checking the state of your production.

Additional Information - In this document, you'll find a list of third-party software that we recommend, instructions keeping your system up to date, and instructions for creating graphics and converting video files.

FAQ and Troubleshooting - Have an issue you just want a quick solution to?  In the FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide, you can find instructions for fixing a quick problem or answers to questions that you might have.

All documents can be found in Resources and Documents or by clicking here.