Installing PlayOn Producer

PlayOn Producer is the laptop-based streaming software that enables you to produce professional-grade events anywhere on your school campus.  Read about the multiple ways you can make sure you have access to the software.  

PlayOn! Sports Laptop

If you have decided to acquire a laptop from PlayOn! Sports, then you do not need to worry about installing any additional software.

PlayOn Producer: pre-installed
Video Capture Device Drivers: Video Capture Device is provided and drivers are pre-installed
Customized Logos, Sample Graphics, and Videos: pre-installed 
Additional Software: 
Any Video Converter (AVC): pre-installed with customized mp4 settings preloaded
VLC: pre-installed
Adobe Reader: pre-installed
Chrome: pre-installed with important bookmarks

School-provided Laptop

You may have decided to install PlayOn Producer on a school-provided laptop.  Before you install the software yourself or have us install it for you, please make sure that you've checked off the following:
  • The PC laptop meets our hardware specifications.  You can find them here.  
  • You have Administrative access to the laptop.  You will need this to install any software.
  • All of the Windows Updates have been run.  Forgot how?  Microsoft can help.
  • You have acquired a Video Capture Device.  Click here for what kind of device to get and where to purchase one.

Remote Installation

Remotely connecting your laptop not only allows us to install everything you need, software-wise, correctly, but it is also an important support tool we use when you need help on the fly.  Once you've acquired our laptop and have checked off all of the criteria (see above), contact us at to schedule a remote installation (this take about 45 minutes depending on your Internet connection).  

PlayOn Producer: remotely installed
Video Capture Device Drivers: remotely installed
Customized Logos, Sample Graphics, and Videos: remotely installed
Additional Software: 
Any Video Convertor (AVC)remotely installed and preloaded with customized mp4 settings
VLCremotely installed
Adobe Reader: remotely installed
Chrome: remotely installed with bookmarks

Independent Installation 

The PlayOn software and additional software can be installed independently.  Here is where you can find what you need to run a basic broadcast.

PlayOn Producer: you can find the latest download of PlayOn Producer on the "Dashboard" tab in PlayOn Manager on the right side under "Downloads."  
  • Click the link
  • Save File
  • The file will save in your Downloads folder
  • Once the file has finished downloading, right-click the zip file and select Extract All Files 
  • Double-click to run the installer
  • Reboot
Video Capture Device Drivers: contact or 877.339.7529
Customized Logos, Sample Graphics, and Videos: contact, or create them yourself!
Additional Software:
Any Video Convertor (AVC): AVC is a free software we found that will help you convert existing videos, merge video files, and edit out sections of videos.  Download this video conversion software here, or read our instructions here.
VLC: VLC is a free video playing software that reads the video format that PlayOn Producer creates (F4V).  Download the software here.
Adobe Reader: Most laptops will come with Adobe Reader to read PDF files, but you can find the download here.
Chrome: This is an optional web browser that we suggest.  You can find the download here.