Last Minute Reminders

Below is a list of last minute reminders for streaming an event.  You'll find an attachment at the bottom of the page that you can download (by clicking on the down arrow) and print out.  

PlayOn Manager (

  • Make sure you have scheduled your broadcast in PlayOn Manager - to do this:
    • Go to and sign in
    • Under the Events tab, click on New Competitive Events
      • Event Publisher and Produce By should be your school (EX: CIF Sac-Joaquin: East Jefferson High School)
      • Fill in the appropriate fields including adding the opposing team as a Participant
      • Make sure the DATE and TIME of your broadcast is the actual DATE and TIME you plan to start your production
      • Under broadcast availability, choose your selection accordingly:
        • Live = the event will stream live only, and will not be available to watch after the game has been completed
        • Live and On Demand = the event will stream live and will be available to watch in the future
        • On Demand = choose this if you are skeptical of your Internet connection and do not think you will be able to stream your broadcast live (see below for how to test your Internet connection)
    • If you decide to set a Blackout Date for your event (a period of time that the video will be unavailable), make sure to set the Start Date for the day after your event airs
  • Note your Event ID # - the PlayOn Support team uses this as a reference in case you have trouble with this particular broadcast

PlayOn Producer (streaming software)

  • Make sure you have plugged in your Elgato video capture device
  • Check your Internet upload speed: 
    • Go to and click the green Begin Test
    • Use the table to the right to determine which Bitrate Preset to 
      choose in Producer
    • Anything below 1.0 Mbps, you will want to either broadcast On Demand and upload the game later or stream audio only with graphics
  • Double-click the PlayOn Producer icon 
    • Choose Live Stream if you’re upload speed is greater that 1.0 Mbps (see above)
    • OR if your upload speed is less than 1.0 Mbps, choose On Demand
    • Sign in using the same username and password as PlayOn Manager
    • In the Settings window:
      • Make sure Elgato Composite is checked
      • Choose the correct overlay in the Overlay drop-down menu
      • Choose the correct bitrate (see table above) in the Preset drop-down menu
    • In the Events window, change the State drop-down menu to All and click on your scheduled event
    • Prepare your Overlays by choosing the correct logos and filling in all the appropriate information
    • Check your preview screen (top right) – do you see any camera logos or settings (battery icon, clock, etc.)?  Adjust your camera to remove these.  If not, they will show up in your broadcast.
    • Start your broadcast
      • START STREAM (wait for the Go On Air button to turn 
      • GO ON AIR (you will know you’re on air when the two check marks at the top of the window turn green)
      • Every 20 minutes or so, check your Systems tab to make sure Buffer is close to 0.  
        • If it gets close to 60, restart Producer at a lower bitrate
        • When a big play happens (something that you’ll want to cut a highlight of later, click over to the Systems tab and write down the Video Time
    • End your broadcast
      • GO OFF AIR (wait for the Stop Stream button to have white letters)
      • STOP STREAM 
      • X-out of Producer
      • Choose to upload now (if you have time) or upload later 

Post Production (

  • Sign back into PlayOn Manager
  • Find your event and click on the name
    • Use the Edit icon to clip off bits of video from the beginning or end
    • Use the Highlights icon to clip the highlights you noted during the game

Outside Help:

Maggie Weeman,
Oct 16, 2014, 3:05 PM