Your School's Subscription Landing Page

Now that your school is a part of the Subscription Model, you have a separate landing page to send to your future subscribers.  It explains how purchasing a subscription to watch you live sporting events benefits your school.  Use the link in your marketing messages to your community.

Wow, that URL is long!

The address for your school's Subscription Landing Page can be a little long -  Google has created an easy tool to shorten URLs so that they are a little friendlier to share with people (  Here are some simple instructions to follow:

1. Go to your school's Subscription Landing Page, and highlight the URL in the address bar, right-click and choose Copy

2. Go to Google's URL shortening tool at, paste your URL into the field box, and click the Shorten URL button

3. You now have a short URL that you can use anywhere!

The Subscription Landing Page is your strongest tool to direct future subscribers to the right place to support your school.  

Create your own QR Code!

A QR You can use the same Google tool to create a QR code.