- Getting Started -

  1. Identify the key people and their roles in regards to marketing your broadcasts.
  2. Think about your subscribers and fans and how to appeal to them.  Put yourself in their shoes; if you were a parent, fan, or alumni, what would get you excited about live streamed sports at your school?

Marketing basics: 
  • What? 
    • Subscriptions are a way for you to broadcast your live and recently archived sporting events online while also raising money for your school.
    • Since the subscription selling process is online, it requires very little time and effort on your part.
  • Where?
  • How?
    • Communicate with letters, email campaigns, and on your school's website.
    • Think of your broadcast as being your school's personal ESPN.  How would you market it?
    • Social media is your biggest ally.  It is fast, limitless  and easily shareable.
  • Who?
    • Know who your subscribers and fans are and how to appeal to them.  Put yourself in their shoes; if you were a parent, fan, or alumni, what would appeal to you?
    • Build a relationship and keep your fans engaged.
    • Talk to the PTSA, Booster Clubs, Coaches, Teachers, etc. and have them help you .
  • When?
    • Know the best time to target your email, marketing, and social media campaigns.  Here's a handy calendar of sports seasons.
  • Why? 
    • Broadcast your school's full-length games and highlights to share with the world.
    • Raise extra funds for your school, team, or club
    • Meet your fundraising obligations.
    • You aren't just asking for contributions, you are providing a service and entertainment to subscribers.
Take on the world of marketing:
  1. Post a link to your NFHS Network channel on your school's site.

2.  Post your upcoming broadcasts on your social media outlets.  Click here for examples of social media messaging.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
3.  Create and send a mass email about your upcoming events.
    • You can send a team-specific email.
    • Send a basic school email.
4.  Talk to the Booster Clubs of all athletic teams, Coaches, Teachers, Parent Groups of all clubs, about how to spread the word about your schools upcoming broadcasts.

5.  Add a blurb in your School/Parent/Alumni newsletter about your upcoming broadcasts. 

6.  Print and hand out flyers around the school, at games, at PTA meetings, Booster Club meetings, and around the community.  You can find multiple "Flyer Templates" on the Resources and Documents page and on the Communication Strategies page.

Your Marketing Efforts:
  1. Identify successful strategies for marketing subscriptions.
  2. Be inventive with your marketing efforts.  Try some of these tactics.
  3. Build your brand.  Make t-shirts, create a customized logo, use your branding consistently in your messaging.  You are:
    • Trojan TV
    • EHSPN
    • Bearden Broadcasting Network (BBN)
    • Raider Connect
    • Rocket Vision
    • Webb on the Web (W.O.W.)
    • WCAT